Positive and Negative Effects of Moon in 12 Houses

Effects of Moon in 12 houses of Astrology

In Vedic Astrology, Moon is known as Chandra. Moon is very important to human life, both astrologically and astronomically. Moon basically, represents the mind, beauty, and emotion in one’s life.

According to Harivansha Purana moon was the son of Sage Atri (One of the Saptarishi) and was nurtured by the ten Dishas (directions) and the moon married the daughters of Daksha Prajapati. They were 27 in number. The names of these daughters are the 27 Nakshatras of the Zodiac.

Effects of Moon in Different Houses

Effects of Moon in 12 houses of Astrology

Every situation has positive and negative aspects. The same holds with the effect of the Moon in the 12 houses. The significations and deficiency of the Moon in the 12 houses are mentioned below.

Moon in 1st House

Positive Effect: The moon in the 1st house (ascendant house), makes the one very friendly and caring by nature. They constantly develop concern for other peoples’ thoughts and feelings. They are likely to have a life full of new experiences as the moon raises the chance of traveling in the 1st house.

Negative Effect: The moon on the first house, makes the one emotional and moody. Thus, these people are likely to be highly sensitive, uncertain, and cringing. They are also concerned about what others think about them and get depressed easily.

Moon in 2nd House

Positive Effect: As for the 2nd house, Moon makes the person a nature lover. They enjoy spending time appreciating nature. They hold a very calm and polite personality. They are a rational and trustworthy person in their personal life. Besides, they like to work for public welfare. Emotional security for them is directly related to financial security.

Negative Effect: The presence of the Moon, in the secondhouse, makes natives spend money excessively which may lead them to financial difficulties. Also, erstwhile they get so connected to possessions that they miss out on their family life.

Moon in 3rd House

Positive Effect: The moon in the 3rd house, leads the natives to excessively travel. These individuals with creative minds are likely to be imaginative, innovative, and intuitive. These natives are usually close with their family members, especially siblings, and thus share a good bonding with them.

Negative Effect: The individual with the Moon in the third house is too much emotional. At times, their emotion overpowers them, and they might even get into depression. Besides, they are unable to focus on one thing for a long, so while talking or working, they switch to another topic or work before they have fully explored the previous one.

Moon in 4th House

Positive Effect: The placement of the Moon in the 4th house, makes the one strongly attached to their family, especially their mother. For them, family is everything and they act as a protector of their family. Besides, they hold a generous, loving, and caring personalities.

Negative Effect: Moon being at the fourth house, too family-oriented can harm their relationship with their partner. As they are always prioritizing their own family, their married life could be disrupted.

Moon in 5th House

Positive Effect: When Moon gets into the 5th house, it makes the native romantic. They favor love relationships and have a strong bonding with their partner. They are also likely to be good at parenting and love children. Besides, they are talented in some creative fields and can make good money out of it.

Negative Effect: When Moon is negative in the fifth house, the individual needs to balance their emotion as they tend to be over-possessive about their loved ones. Also, they have to be careful about their attitude of overindulgence. This can lead to mental health problems as well.

Moon in 6th House

Positive Effect: The natives with Moon in the 6th house, are likely to be very hard-working. They tend to have an emotional need to be useful and to work fruitfully. They are likely to be organized and a perfectionist in terms of their work. Moon at 6th house individual is brilliant and intuitive in detail and fault, attending to difficulty and imbalances, with swiftness and self-confidence.

Negative Effect: On a negative note, when Moon enters the sixth house the individual tends to be oversensitive in terms of their health. They are likely to have botheration or body aches and pains frequently. They experience health issues and have weak immunity. Mental stress is prone to occur if the individual has short-tempered nature.

Moon in 7th House

Positive Effect: The individual with Moon in the 7th house, is likely to be grateful and rich in qualities of firmness and downrightness. These natives can be mainly characterized by an Affectionate Life Partner. They tend to have a strong bonding with the people around them.

Negative Effect: The bad influence of the Moon in the seventh house bring a bad effect on intimate relationships. They are likely to have issues with their life partner. If the situation turns uglier, the 7th house placement of Moon may even lead to divorce or separation.

Moon in 8th House

Positive Effect: The moon in the 8th house, can increase the natives’ life span. Intuitive power gives them enough willpower to get rid of adversities and challenging situations. They are hardworking and serious about their life goals. Besides, there is a possibility of getting unexpected gains and wealth from inheritance or other sources.

Negative Effect: The moon in the eighth house makes the one short-tempered, emotional, and moody. They are likely to incur losses in business. Their natural ability to be strong in different situations may also take a lowness on several occasions.

Moon in 9th House

Positive Effect: The moon in the 9th house makes the native explore and travel to different places. They are likely to have a relationship or marry people from foreign counties. These knowledgeable people are also endowed with the ability to bounce back from negative aspects of life. On the whole, these Moon in the 9th house people is more practical and balanced in their minds and soul.

Negative Effect: The native with Moon in the ninth house makes the native become obsessional about certain things which may affect their natural curiosity and hold back their productivity. Besides, they are likely to be restless and they usually get really disconnected from their real purpose.

Moon in 10th House

Positive Effect: When the Moon enters the 10th house, the one seeks to learn new things, and they usually have a clear vision of what they want to achieve in life. They tend to put in a lot of hard work and do their best in what they do. Besides, they hold a very attractive personalities.

Negative Effect: The presence of the Moon in the tenth house is not so good. They are not likely to get emotional fulfillment regarding their position in life or the expectations of their family members. The challenge lies in being too emotionally subjective. They are likely to feel emotional whims very frequently.

Moon in 11th House

Positive Effect: The natives of the placement of the Moon in the 11th house are likely to be socializers. They will get a lot of emotional satisfaction through their involvement in groups, clubs, social organizations, community activities, and a network of close friends. Besides, they will be able to manage their problems with help and aid from others.

Negative Effect: On a negative note, Moon in the eleventh house tends to bring hurdles in one’s life. They may face a lot many instabilities in their life. It may even be a reflection of their inner emotional unrest. The ups and downs of their life are likely to disturb their marital life as well.

Moon in 12th House

Positive Effect: The natives of the placement having Moon in the 12th house, are blessed with many hidden talents. They tend to have creative and talented minds. With their talent, they are apt to make money as well.

Negative Effect: On a negative note, an individual with Moon at the twelfth house might have a secretive personality. They seem to be mysterious and fail to demonstrate their true feeling to the people around them. They may also, suffer from mental tension and depression.

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