In Vedic Astrology, Jupiter is known as Brihaspati. It is also characterized as Guru or ‘Dev Guru’- the one who gives guidance to the Devtas – Gods. Besides, Brihaspati is also addressed as Bachaspati (master of speech or Lord of language, fluency, and wiseness).

According to Hindu Scriptures, Brihaspati is the son of Anga-rasa (Anga denotes physical body whereas “rasa” denotes the fluid in the body).

Effects of Jupiter in different houses

Effects of Jupiter

Jupiter in any Birth Chart (Kundali), if placed strongly in any houses, it is regarded to be beneficial and provides them a ‘Divine Grace’. Also, it is considered to be one of the most beneficial planets in Vedic astrology however, it has negative effects as well if it is weak in any of the 12 houses in Kundli.

1st House

Positive Effect: Jupiter in the 1st house makes the individual grow in many aspects of life such as spiritually, personally, professionally. They will have all luck and good fate on their side. Thus, they are likely to come out as a winner despite hard knocks and trouble.

Negative Effect: Jupiter in the 1st house makes the one hurt others unknowingly. Hence, there is a high possibility of them landing into many minor and major troubles in a life time and again. Also, they need to be more cautious while making any kind of decision in life.

2nd House

Positive Effect: Jupiter in the 2nd house makes the one work hard and put in their best effort in whatever work they do. They are likely to be lucky in matters of money, wealth, and personal possessions. They are usually cheerful by nature and they spread happiness where ever they go.

Negative Effect: Jupiter in the 2nd house makes the individual more dependent on the lavishness and comfort life that they might end up choosing the wrong path to make money. Also, they might lead to health issues related to the stomach.

3rd House

Positive Effect: Jupiter in the 3rd house makes the individual good in planning. They are highly social and enjoy making friends. Also, they have strong intuition and mental power to catch up on new things and information. They usually believe in talking less and doing more.

Negative Effect: Jupiter in the 3rd house makes the individual often feel as if they are being pulled in many different directions at the same time. Wanting to do learn everything or do everything might actually lead them to a stressful life.

4th House

Positive Effect: Placement of Jupiter in the 4th house lead the individuals to have a great advantage in the field of business. They will be in profit and predicated gains. Jupiter in the fourth house makes the individual lucky, liberal, generous, and honest.

Negative Effect: Jupiter in the 4th house is largely maleficent as it makes the one less optimistic. They might have a bad relationship with their life partner and mother. Also, they tend to be more sensitive and it may impact their decision-making.

5th House

Positive Effect: Jupiter in the 5th house makes the individual generous, playful, and warm in life. They tend to have a good love bond with their family as well as their partners and children. They are more creative in nature and very passionate about their hobbies.

Negative Effect: When Jupiter is negative in the 5th house, the individual is likely to be a bit ego- eccentric. They are likely to have less memory power and hence they may not be good in studies.

6th House

Positive Effect: When Jupiter gets into the 6th house, it makes the individual very good at work. They can be thoroughgoing and professionals. Also, they don’t waffle to work hard which will at length lead them to have name and fame in their life.

Negative Effect: When Jupiter gets into the 6th house, the one can be in tension which might affect their mental health. Even the slender criticism upsets them and they may become very unpleasant to those who speak against their work.

7th House

Positive Effect: Jupiter in the 7th house blesses the individual with wealth and luck to their life. It makes them rich which fills their lives with various joys, pleasures, and happiness. The presence of Jupiter provides the key ingredients for one to thrive in spirituality.

Negative Effect: Jupiter in the 7th house makes the natives have a higher chance of having an affair with another male/female. In some cases, they might also get separated from one another. Also, these individuals may show less sympathy and fondness towards their partners.

8th House

Positive Effect: Jupiter in the 8th house makes the person knowledgeable and has a good intellect. They are great at making strategies and carrying out research work and investigation. Also, they are highly intuitive and good at analyzing things.

Negative Effect: The position of Jupiter in the 8th house, usually interferes with the relationship of the natives. They are likely to be more reserved in nature and hence people may often misunderstand them.

9th House

Positive Effect: Jupiter in the 9th house, makes the individual a good teacher as they love the process of learning. Hence, they are likely to find success in travel, education, teaching, sports, publishing, and foreign cultures.

Negative Effect: Jupiter in the 9th house makes the individual get more attached to their friends rather than their family. This might lead them to have a disrupted family life as they love traveling out with their friends.

10th House

Positive Effect: When Jupiter is present in the 10th house, it renders the individual with success, and fame in their business or profession. They also get recognized for their efforts within their social and work circle. The natives of Jupiter in the 10th house are usually generous and have a compassionate character.

Negative Effect: The presence of Jupiter in the 10th house is not that great. The individual may have a very dangerous ego issue hence they are likely to have fewer friends and disrupted social life.

11th House

Positive Effect: Jupiter in the 11th house is considered as one of the most beneficial placements. Thus, it provides its natives with good health, wealth, and happiness in life. They tend to have a decent life having good relations with everyone.

Negative Effect: Jupiter in the 11th house is less malefic. Since they have a good relationship with everyone they might be in difficulty managing their time for friends and families.

12th House

Positive Effect: Strong Jupiter in the 12th house, makes the individual generous and spend money for the good work. They are likely to have an interest in spirituality, yoga, and meditation thus, they will have good physical and mental health.

Negative Effect: Place of Jupiter in the 12th house is not a favorable position, it influences loss in business, it may create differences with their father and loss of money in unnecessary matters.

(Last Updated On: July 2, 2020)