The 10 Good and Bad Doshas in the Kundli

Good and Bad Dasha in Kundali

It is believed that we are born with your destinies written. In Hindu culture, during Naam Karan we put an empty paper beside the baby hoping the ‘bidhata’ writes the bhagya ‘destiny’ of the child.  Our kundali provides a roadmap of our life if not the correct co-ordinates. It helps us navigate through the events happening in our life like the good, bad and ugly doshas.

In astrology, we believe the planetary movements and positions play a key role to influence our life. Planets have immense power and may give both auspicious and inauspicious results. Mahadasha is the period during which a planet is in its strongest state and gives auspicious or inauspicious results based on its position in a kundali. The duration of Mahadasha of different planets is as follows:

Sun – 6 years, Moon – 10 years, Mars – 7 years, Rahu – 18 years, Jupiter – 16 years, Saturn – 19 years, Mercury 17 years, Ketu – 7 years and Venus – 2- years.

The system that helps us interpret the doshas and Varshphal (yearly predictions) are many amongst which one is most accepted, Vimshottari Dasha is the easiest, simplest and the most popular.

Good and Bad Dasha in Kundali

Sun is the Karak for the soul, Moon for the mind, Mars for strength, Mercury for intelligence, Jupiter for a human being, Venus for women and Saturn for age. Therefore, analysis of dasha of these planets should be done with accordance to the country, time and situation.

The Yogini Dashas

According to Maharshi Parashara, there are Eight Yogini Dashas namely Mangla, Pingala, Dhanya, Bhramari, Bhadrika, Ulka, Siddha and Sankata. Mangla stays for one year, Pingala for two years, Dhanya for three, Bhramari for four years, Bhadrika for five, Ulka for six, Siddha for seven and Sankata for eight years.

Let us start with the good Yogini Dashas:

1. Dhanya Dasha

Dhanya Yogini Dasha is the third Yogini Dasha. It’s Lord is Jupiter. Dhanya Dasha’s duration is three years. This dasha is considered to be auspicious. A person achieves progress and success during this dasha. Jupiter is the karaka planet for religion and spirituality.

It is believed that under the influence of Dhanya Yogini Dasha,  a person is able to achieve successful results even in next to impossible situations. He/She does not only get strength for himself but is also able to give support to his friends and relatives in their troubles.

Some scholars believe that Dhanya Yogini Dasha is a period to attain wealth and prosperity. This dasha also benefits the native in terms of health and illness. The native is also believed to get Academic qualifications, religious contemplation, spiritual energy, leadership, power, political ability, race, knowledge of astrology system – mantra and meditation, breeding, heritage, tradition, culture, post – prestige, etc.

2. Mangla Dasha

The duration of Mangla Dasha is for one year. The Lord of Mangla Dasha is Moon. During this dasha, a person is calm and pure. Such a person is inclined towards religious activities. He is interested in good and pure thoughts.

A person will be blessed with happiness, fame, and prosperity on participation in Satsang, poetry, Puranas, etc. During Mangala Yogini Dasha, a person spends a comfortable life. Such a person also acquires jewelry and gets opportunities to travel worldwide.

According to scholars, Mangala Yogini Dasha is associated with auspiciousness. Mangla Yogini Dasha bestows the native with the happiness of children and life partner. During this Dasha, a person is able to address and solve all problems. He/she will be able to stay healthy and keep away from diseases. The person will develop the qualities of valiance and courage. The person will acquire fame and status because of his/her activities

During Mangala Dasha, inauspiciousness in a person’s life is mitigated and the problems in life seem to come to an end.

3. Bhadrika Yogini Dasha

It is known as the dasha of Mercury. The duration of bhadrika yogini dasha is of 5 years. This is an auspicious dasha and thus, gives auspicious results to the natives. The person gets immense love and affection from her/his family members.

Mercury is the karaka of intelligence and speech. Thus, the native is able to make most out of his intelligence and speech attributes and thus She/He attains respect and recognition for this works and accomplishments.

4. Siddha Yogini Dasha

It is a dasha of Venus and remains for 7 years and is considered auspicious. A person attains all kinds of materialistic gains and a good position at the workplace. The native feels energetic and fun-filled during this Siddha yogini dasha.

Things such as love, lust, decoration, beauty, music, art, artistic abilities, etc. are obtained from this planet. The native gets attracted to beautiful things during this phase. This is also a favorable dasha for the marriage and pleasure of the partner. Venus is analyzed to determine the relationships between two people.

The native with Siddha Yogini Dasha are mostly attracted to fashion and glamour world and makes their career in these fields only.

With the effect of Siddha Dasha, the person becomes a great entertainer and tends to be lusty. He often becomes the victim of a bad company. So a person should be careful about his/her company during this time.

The commencement of Bhramari Antardasha in Siddha Dasha will cause the natives to travel a lot. The native may also have to relocate to another place. The native will get attracted to vices. In several cases, the native will also start developing an inclination towards charity.

With the end of the Sidha Yogini Dasha, we have come to an end of the good ones and we enter the grey area-ed Dashas.

5. Sankata Dahsa

It is Rahu’s Dasha. The duration of Sankata dasha is eight years. Sankata Dasha provides wealth, fame, and promotion to a person. Such a person may be detached from the family. Such a person is usually stubborn. A person in this dasha may have to go through a lot of hardships in life. The person may even have the tendency to get aggressive on small issues.

As per the astrology, Rahu is an inauspicious planet. This is the reason why people in this dasha have to face suffering and obstacles in life. In this dasha, the mind of a person can remain unstable. He lives in delusions. Such a person doesn’t find anything wrong in his actions and behavior. The native reflects the characteristics of Rahu. He may be inclined to earn money through illegal ways. He might also get into the wrong company of people. This can result in a loss of finances and honor.

6. Bhramari Yogini Dasha

Bhramari Dasha is the fourth Yogini Dasha. Mars is the Lord of Bhramari Dasha. Its duration is four years. It makes the native hard working. He is able to make a mark in the society he lives in. This dasha causes a dilemma in a person’s life also. He is often seen traveling from one place to another for his work. Mars is an aggressive planet. It may cause deformation, demotion, and change of place.

According to some scholars, Bhramari dasha causes problems in family life. However, it provides success with efforts and courage.

During this period the native may act furiously and take some hasty decisions. Such decisions can affect his life and future in negatively. Such a person is advised to analyze a situation with a calm mind and then only reach a conclusion for better results. This will help him to overcome his troubles and avoid creating new ones.

Bad Dashas

Following are some of the Bad Dashas in Kundli

1. Rahu Mahadasha

Rahu Mahadasha is known to last for 18 years. It is a period in which one loses the direction of life and cannot differentiate right from wrong. It is because of this that one gets carried away by different forms of addictions like drugs, gambling, alcohol, etc. and completely gets blinded by the worldly pleasures that one loses the sense of time and religion.

It has been seen that the native gets highly influenced by negative or fake people and in his ambition to achieve more wealth that one loses a general sense of good and bad. Whenever Rahu is seen to associate with any planet during Mahadasha, it drains all its energy and leaves it completely lifeless. Sudden loss of wealth and injury due to an accident, an increase in chances of deception by close friends, Separation from family members are some of the ill effects of the dasha.

2. Manglik Dosha or Kuja Dosha

Mangal dosha or Kuja dosha is the combination in the birth chart or horoscope where Mars (also known as Mangal or Kuja) is placed in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house in the Ascendant. A person with mangal dosha in his natal chart is called Manglik. Mars is considered malefic when it is positioned in any of the mentioned houses and it leads to tensions, dissatisfactions, and disasters in married life.

This dosha can happen to anyone. Mars represents respect, ego, self-esteem, and energy so those who have Mangal dosha might have a vulnerable nature that could hinder relationships, but it’s also believed that Mangliks have fire energy in them if used in the correct way. Mangal Dosha in the Kundli can have a negative effect on your married life, mental health and might even lead to financial issues. If the Manglik is born on a Tuesday however the effects are nullified.

Mangal Dosha in the 1st House or Ascendant

Those who have Mars in ascendant or the first house are agitated, aggressive and rude at times. The 4th aspect of Mangal in the 1st house might cause loss of happiness from one’s life, the 7th aspect of Mars in worried and harmful as it can cause differences between loved ones. The 8th aspect of Mars is a possible indication of risks on the partner’s life of the native.

Mangal Dosha in the 4th House

With Mars in the 4th house aspects the 7th, 10th and 11th house in a kundali. If mangal in this house then it gives stable wealth and financial flow but it also creates troubles in married life by developing an uncompromising nature of the native although it does not put relatives of the native at risk.

Mangal Dosha in 7th House

It is the house of marriage and partnership, Manglik dosha in the 7th house can cause harm to a marriage. People with this situation might find a spouse with bad health and women could find aggressive partners.

Mangal Dosha in the 8th House

It is a symbol of happiness, grief, and situations in life. Mangal dosha in this house is very bad and can create a depressing life for married people. The reasons could be financial issues, ill-health of partner and other reasons.

Mangal Dosha in 12th House

In this house of joy, travel, money, and peaceful indulgence can lead to a lack of care and mutual understanding between lovers.

3. Shani Dosha

It is believed that Saturn is a powerful planet and is the judge among the nine planets thus punishing those people who are involved with unlawful, illicit and illegitimate activities. The Mahadasha of Saturn runs for 19 years. While Shani Sade Sati or simply Sade Sati runs seven and a half years.

The Saturn Vimshottari Mahadasha could be both harmful when it is debilitated, combust and afflicted by malefic planets. However, Saturn does not harm always. It can do wonders when it is beneficial.

The Shani Mahadasha can even ruin the native if it is ill-disposed. It can bring health issues, loss of both movable and immovable property, fraternal fights, homelessness, deceits, devoid of reliable friends, robbery, burglary, marital discord, litigation, enmity, enormous loans, legal punishment, divine punishment, professional failure, loss of a source of income and unwanted travel, etc.

However, the planet Saturn can be extremely benevolent and bring phenomenal achievement in life. The planet Saturn can take you to the pinnacle of success effortlessly. The planet Saturn offers both good and bad results according to its position in the natal chart. The natives can enjoy good results and also experience bad results.

If the planet Saturn owns a bad house like 6th, 8th, and 12th house but posited in the exaltation and own sign, then you will reap the good effect and result.

There may be sudden changes in one’s job/workplace. One will be able to triumph over their enemies. Though people may play politics behind your back, they will be able to deal with them smartly. Your day-to-day routine and habits may get affected though. If there may be some health issues, they will either be very difficult to diagnose them or they may not be evident in one’s medical reports.

Saturn is a master of problems and delays, somehow this Mahadasha phase, you may experience spiritual upliftment. There will be a strong desire to connect to God and understand the intricacies of spirituality.

By following simple remedies you can derive good results from the Saturn its Mahadasha.

Recite Beej Mantra of Saturn;

Om Praam Preem Proum Sah: Shanishcharay Namah॥

ॐ प्रां प्रीं प्रौं स: शनैश्चराय नम:||

Chant: Om Namah Shivaya and Adorn 7 Mukhi Rudraksha

Three phases of Sade Sati

The Sade Sati comes in three phases. The first 2nd and 3rd phase respectively.

  1. The first phase is all about expenses. It is the period where expenditures exceed the income of a person. So, the first 2.5years of Sade Sati occur when Saturn is in the 12th sign from the moon sign of the individual native.
  2. The second phase of Sade Sati in when the Saturn in residing in the moon sign itself. This is the dire part of the Sade Sati for 2.5years. During this time the individual has to toil and undergo a lot of hardships. Remedies must be sought out after checking the birth chart or else the conditions might worsen.
  3. The third phase of Sade Sati is the last phase. In this phase, the ill effects gradually start to wear off. Income is slow so one might feel the financial crunch. In the last phase of 2.5years, one faces financial problems for 1.5 years and in the last one year, the problems are gradually relieved of the individual.

4. Ketu Mahadasha

It is an extremely serious dasha which causes due to wrongly placed or positioned Ketu planet in the horoscope or birth-chart of a human being. The Ketu Mahadasha will carry positive results in your life if it is positioned in the benevolent houses of an ascendant.

The Ketu dasha lasts around 7 years in your horoscope and if sun/Jupiter is rightly aligned in the horoscope of a person then it will bring good results in one’s life, whereas, if Venus/Mercury/Moon aligned negatively in one’s horoscope Ketu Mahadasha proves dreadful for him/her. The ascendants of Aries, Capricorn, Cancer and Aquarius ascendants will obtain the most benefits out of this dasha.

If Ketu is aligned in the positive houses this vital dasha will bless a person with a sudden rise in career, wealth and studies. The presence of Ketu in Trikona (1st, 5th, or 9th) evokes positive equations in the horoscope of an individual and helps them gain name, fame, and popularity.

Positive Effects of Ketu Mahadasha

  • The Ketu dasha bring enormous wealth in one’s life and bring prosperity in his/her life.
  • Ketu dasha uplifts the career, longevity of a person.
  • Ketu dasha leads a person on to the path of spirituality.

Negative Effects of Ketu Mahadasha

  • The negative Ketu dasha gives struggle in life.
  • Ketu Mahadasha brings health problems in the life of its ascendants.
  • A negative Ketu Mahadasha will create hurdles in the way of ascendant to accomplish his/her education. Similarly, Ketu Mahadasha enhances the chance of accidents, loss of wealth, loss in agriculture.
  • Ketu Mahadasha will infuse problems in the family problems, marital conflicts, and sudden demise of someone close in your family.

To get rid-off or appease the effects of Ketu Mahadasha one should wear Ketu blessed cat’s eye gemstone.