Even though in the modern world science triumphs, astrology can provide many answers to questions. Especially if they relate to the topic of gender relations. For example, do you know the compatibility of Pisces and Leo? This is not the best combination. In part, this is a marriage of convenience, which will take a lot of effort. Therefore, it is important to know all the subtleties of the combination in order to make the right decision.

Leo and Pisces Personality

The fire element Leo is ruled by the planet Surya (Sun), the head of our solar system. Thus, the sign is influenced by Surya Dev. According to astrology, Surya dev is the only Lord of Leo and is the king of nine planets. Leo is the masculine sign of the zodiac and the lion is its symbol. It is the fifth of the zodiac, which represents the east direction. Leo includes the four phases of Poorva Phalguni Nakshatra, the four phases of Magha Nakshatra, and the first phase of Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra.

Pisces on the other hand is the water element sign ruled by Brihaspati (Jupiter) Lord of Gods. Ruled by Dev Guru Brihaspati, Pisces are more intuitive than others and possess artistic talent. Jupiter is associated with music, so Pisces manifests musical preferences early in life. They are generous, kind and extremely loyal, and caring. It is also the last sign of the zodiac and symbolizes two fish swimming in opposite directions. Belonging to the water element, Pisces is emotional in nature. Like water, they go deep into the ocean of emotions and sometimes remain shallow.

Pisces and Leo Compatibility

In short, Leo and Pisces are the two opposite zodiacs that may attract each other as opposites do attract each other. But before jumping to any conclusions, let’s take a look at their compatibility in different areas of Life.

Pisces and Leo Compatibility

Love compatibility

Astrologers affirm the fact of the presence of cardinal differences between these signs. However, the stars in the horoscope can converge so that the compatibility of Leo and Pisces in love is at a decent level, which will give them the opportunity to build harmonious relationships. Different elements of astrology determine the excellent temperaments of the signs and their perspective on life. The lion is bright, open, charismatic. He/She is not afraid of anyone and takes pleasure in showing his/her best qualities, telling his/her partner about them in all their glory. Pisces behave in a more modest and pinched way. They need some time to look at the other, to begin to trust him/her with the secrets of their souls.

If the spark of attraction between them still worked, then their relationship would be passionate and romantic. The lion becomes softer with a partner so pretty and shy that he/she likes to receive the care and warmth of Pisces. The water element, sensing the strength and power of Leo, finds peace and tranquility. Leo’s compatibility with Pisces in a relationship can be beneficial if they want to learn something from each other.


Friendships can develop between them, but not a great and deep friendship. They have too few common interests and too different outlooks on life. With a superficial acquaintance, they may well like each other, since both are not stupid, they know how to maintain a conversation and behave in society. However, getting to know each other better, they realize that they are too different. Leo loves big and noisy companies, and Pisces prefers to stay away from those.

Business compatibility

Business compatibility of the signs of Leo and Pisces is good in a boss-subordinate ratio. In such a situation, Leo will be happy to show his/her desire for unlimited power, and Pisces will be happy to provide an excellent result of work in the shortest possible time, using exclusively their own energy. Leo need not worry about anything – all tasks will be solved by Pisces.

Marriage compatibility

The compatibility of Leo and Pisces in a marriage can vary from intermediate to superior. This will depend on the gender of the signs, your personal horoscopes, and Janma Kundali (natal charts). A romantic relationship with no special obligations that follow after meeting each other can be called beneficial and satisfying for both of the signs. But the family union, created later and which gives the spouses a mutual responsibility, causes them certain difficulties. At this time, the feelings fade a bit, and the signs will be seen without pink glasses and illusions. At that time, as a rule, people perceive only the shortcomings of others.

The Pisces will see that the partner is too proud and rarely thinks of others. Leo will not like the excessive sentimentality of Pisces. But if true deep feelings occur between them, then the compatibility of Leo with Pisces in family life promises to be very favorable. A loving Leo will take care of his/her weaker partner and protect from unnecessary experiences. In gratitude, Pisces will daily remove the dust from their king’s pedestal.

Compatibility at work

For Leo, work is one of the great areas of life. One of those that he/she must take care of and lavish the most. Work is everything throughout Leo’s life. It is the ground where he/she leaves his/her spiritual and material inheritances. He/she cannot put it aside. Yet that’s exactly what Pisces does: work doesn’t matter too much to him, and he’s not willing to put too much effort and time into it. He/she complies to the extent necessary but prefers to keep in dreams and in projects. That is why Leo prefers to avoid being a partner of Pisces. They are so little compatible in this sense that they are called to find themselves in perpetual conflict overwork.


If there is one aspect in which Pisces and Leo are compatible, it is in the matter of the home. They both need and revere the home they come from. Their childhood stories are decisive for both of them. That is why one of their goals in life is to form a family of their own, and they never renounce that purpose. Leo and Pisces can be a couple that is kept together by the commitment and happiness that their home awakens, and the love they feel for their many children.

Intimacy compatibility

The Pisces imagination will overflow in the intimacy of the couple, spreading their fantasies over Leo. Leo is a sign that expresses a lot of passion in intimacy. Emotions will overflow in this sentimental union. They will achieve a lasting union if they both learn to handle their differences. Sexual understanding can be achieved as long as both learn to manifest love and dominate their nature expressed in every corner of their personality.

(Last Updated On: March 10, 2022)