Pisces and Taurus Compatibility based on Vedic Astrology

Taurus, a bull with considerable composer but an outburst of rages! Pisces, fish with creative auras but a simplistic life view! People born under the horoscope of Taurus and Pisces are interesting and extraordinary. Absolutely different character traits bring them together, making a marriage or friendly union surprisingly to everyone very strong and real, so we can confidently say that the compatibility of Taurus and Pisces is very high.

Personality Traits of Taurus and Pisces

Taurus represents a person of a decisive, stubborn nature. This sign is symbolized by a buffalo, which, as it were, advises us to be polite and careful with such a person. Since Venus (Shukra) rules Taurus, this person’s character will be sensual, and artistic, and such a person will be charismatic and strong. Outwardly, they are usually handsome; their character is loving and devoted, but in moments of anger – passionate, and prone to violence. Taurus belongs to the Earth sign element: they are firm and stubborn, strive for their world’s stability and security, and value openness and loyalty in relationships.

Pisces, a mutable water sign, is a watermark ruled by Jupiter (Brihaspati). Due to the fact that they are somewhat lax, they waste their money. Outwardly they are strong, with thick lips and a large nose. They get good wives and husbands, but they are jealous and suspicious of their partners. These people are independent and active, orthodox, and sometimes fanatical. Pisces belong to the water sign element, have a subtle mental organization, and are overly sensitive and emotional.

Pisces and Taurus Compatibility

Pisces and Taurus Compatibility

This union, in most cases, comes out strong and stable. It is quite curious to observe such a relationship in anу guise. At the same time, water gives strength to the earth to live and develop. Pisces become such a life-giving drink for Taurus.

Both signs are distinguished by sincere loyalty and devotion, and this fact is an excellent basis for concluding a marriage union. Due to their sensitivity, Pisces have a high level of empathy; they can deeply feel a partner and stand in his place.

Often, Pisces is the first to take a step toward reconciliation if a conflict occurs between them. Due to innate stubbornness, Taurus do it less often, but they very much appreciate the Pisces’ efforts. The compatibility horoscope of these sensitive signs promises them every chance to have a comfortable relationship. The emotional nature of both signs is the key to long-lasting relationships.

Compatibility in various Aspects

Taurus and Pisces stars work in their favor, and they are compatible in love, friendship, and work if only they know how to deal with conflicts when they arise. Here are the compatibilities of these two zodiac signs in different areas of life:

Pisces-Taurus: Love Compatibility

Both representatives of Pisces and Taurus know how to love themselves and allow them to be loved. Taurus is gentle, soft, and honest in romantic relationships. They are not ready to betray and be rude to a loved one. Sometimes, due to an overestimated criterion of loyalty, it seems to them that Pisces are deceiving them and even cheating.

Taurus begins to suffer, exhausting themself with jealousy and suspicion. So that such a state does not break relations, Pisces must always prove their sinlessness and love for Taurus. The heartful emotional connections open up all secrecy adding up more to sign compatibility towards love.

Pisces-Taurus: Marriage Compatibility

By creating a separate unit in society, these signs acquire honest partners in each other. Pisces, as a rule, are beautiful and magically act on a partner with their softness and charm. Even a serious Taurus can melt like snow in their arms. Therefore, the Taurus and Pisces’ compatibility in marriage is considered significantly beneficial: their union can exist for long and often for a lifetime.

Pisces and Taurus couple in the Family

For both, the family holds great importance, and both love their offspring. Moreover, as a rule, Taurus are serious parents, and Pisces love to pamper their children. On this basis, conflicts may arise between them, but they will quickly agree on education methods. A significant pairing for domestic bliss!

The friendship between Pisces and Taurus

The Taurus and Pisces friendship can only be envied. Two diverse characters complement each other perfectly with a strong bond: the water sign learns to fantasize less, starting to look at the world realistically.

Taurus reveals trusting relationships and shows their sensitivity. Both know how to support their companion, are loyal friends, and rush to help when others need them. Moreover, friendship is good only between same-sex representatives of these zodiac signs. Two opposite sexes born under the signs of Taurus and Pisces are more likely to have romantic feelings for each other.

Pisces and Taurus at Work

The Taurus and Pisces work compatibility can be successful in the part of it that requires creativity and planning. Pisces have more developed imaginations, and therefore they can give out great ideas. Taurus is an excellent strategist: they will develop a project in detail, take all the pitfalls, find pleasant bonuses, and draw up a detailed implementation plan.

The successful completion of these tasks will require a lot of energy, diplomacy skills, and a perfect business approach. Neither Taurus nor Pisces can boast of this. However, by working together, each of them will receive the missing skills from their partner. Taurus to convert the creative plans of Pisces into a practical approach to success!

Taurus and Pisces compatibility in financial matters

Taurus strives to provide for themselves by old age, thinking about how to collect solid capital from a young age. They devote their whole life to this goal, even sometimes denying themselves small joys. With the growth of financial savings, Taurus gains confidence and meaning in life, which cannot be said about the Pisces sign.

This has a significant impact on the Taurus and Pisces compatibility in financial matters. Sometimes there are serious disagreements between partners, and if someone does not give up, a break in the relationship will come.

Pisces-Taurus: Intimacy and Sexual compatibility

The romance between these two characters will be filled with great pleasure. These two signs will be interrelated given their common stance on what it means to lead a good sex life. They will love to spend every moment together and travel to distant places. Food and music will play a big role in this relationship.

Intimacy can be intense, and it will make Pisces finally surrender to Taurus and connect with him. Taurus will introduce a partner to new interesting people. On the other hand, Pisces is the person who takes care of the financial security of Taurus.

Taurus must be more independent and more interested in sex for this relationship to be successful, while Pisces must be more inclined to open their wallets. A perfect way to describe the sexual experience is ‘Poetry in motion’.

Communication between Pisces and Taurus

Pisces and Taurus communication should be fruitful. Taurus communicates with a realistic rawness that can make the fanciful and delicate Pisces feel intimidated. For that reason, in order for an excellent relationship to get quite efficient levels of communication, they must make a little effort.

While Neptunian Pisces always teaches ancient wisdom, Taurus is able to put a price tag on this teaching. Taurus must balance their desire for wealth because he is materialistic. Pisces being a mutable sign is charitable and very compassionate.

An amazing match of lovers of art that can go through any rough patches, Taurus-Pisces are compatible energies. Want to more about sign compatibility and planetary placements of you and your babe based on the birth chart (natal chart)? Here on Vedicfeed, professional astrologers are ready to perform extensive analysis of your birth chart. Book your appointment now.