Well Known Objects and Material for Vastu Shastra

Elephant Statue

Vastu Shastra in this 21st century has been of great importance. Vastu Shastra has gained a huge significance as it is the only known theory that guides us to maintain the balance between the five elements known as water, fire, air, sky, and earth. Vastu Shastra explicitly explains maintaining harmony between the earthly element and atmosphere.

The fundamental principle of Vastu Shastra is to maintain the right rhythm in the environment to have a life full of positive energies and happiness. Vastu Shastra hence also explains a few objects that help maintain the positive energy, eliminate any Vastu fault, and enhance the Vastu vitality.

Some of the significant objects as per Vastu Shastra are listed below.

God Idol

  • God Kuber is known as the guardian of affluence and wealth. So, according to Vastu Shastra, if the idol of Lord Kuber is placed in a Pooja room or in a locker room where the money and other valuables are kept, it multiplies the wealth or brings more wealth to the family.
  • Goddess Annapurna is known as the mother of sustenance or nutrition. According to Vastu Shastra, if the idol of Lord Annapurna is kept somewhere in a dining room, it blesses the whole family with good health and good nourishment, especially children.


Elephant Statue
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  • Tortoise in Vastu Shastra symbolizes long life. Hence it is believed that if the tortoise statue is kept in a common room or a living room, it gives long life to all the family members.
  • White Elephant Statue is an ideal Vastu item one should consider having at their home. If a pair of elephants with their trunks up is placed either in the bedroom or study room it is believed to fetch good luxury and power to the family. According to Vastu Shastra white elephant is a symbol of strength, supremacy, endurance, reliability, poise, aptitude, and perception and carries a great amount of allegory.

Pyramid-shaped object

Swatik Pyramid made of Copper
  • Swastik pyramid is something that every household must-have. It is believed to be auspicious if hung somewhere on the door. Swastik is a sign known as a symbol of prosperity. In a Hindu tradition, the swastika sign is drawn and worshipped before any important events. Hence, a pyramid combination with a swastika is like a dual dole.
  • A marble Pyramid placed in a Kalash is known as an ideal Vastu corrector, which is believed to bring all the good luck in the house minimizing major Vastu defects.

Copper objects

  • Vastu copper tiles are flat plates of copper. It is to be placed inside a box at the corner of the house. If done so, it is believed to minimize the Vastu fault of the corner area and cleanses the grave Vastu imperfections.
  • Vastu copper arrows are used to maintain the good high aura of the house. It is believed that placing copper arrows in the Pooja room helps restore the Goodluck and brings happiness to the house.
  • Vastu copper energy plate helps absorb the good energies while eating if kept in the dining room and maintains a positive vibe among family members.

Brass Door Bell

Hanging small brass bells is believed to bring lots of good luck in the house. Besides, it is also believed to eliminate bad energy entering from the outside environment. Keeping the bell would certify that only optimistic energy enters our house.

Wind Chimes

According to Vastu Shastra, Wind Chimes are the most pleasing object which is very easy to find and if kept at home, simulates new energies and draws more prospects in life.

Rudraksha Mala

Rudraksha Mala

Rudraksha is known as an auspicious object. According to Vastu Shastra, if rudraksha mala is kept inside our Pooja room, it is believed to minimize the family conflict and help maintain a concord relationship among all the family members.


Himalayan Pink Salt is a great mineral to keep the vibes of the nearby surroundings. According to Vastu Shastra, if the salt is placed in a small bowl inside the bathroom it is believed to minimize all the negative energy from the home. It is advised to keep this in all the houses to maintain the good energies in the house.


Crystal is the most common remedy for Vastu correction. It is believed to have an immense effect on the individual spiritually and substantially and on the surrounding. According to Vastu Shastra, it rejuvenates the atmosphere and makes a home a prosperous living place with happiness and bliss all around and among family members.

Picture of Sun

A picture of the Sun, if placed on the east side of the wall somewhere in the house, helps correct the Vastu defects and flourishes happiness all around the house, opening a positive vibe inside the house.