Vastu Tips for Gardening – Garden Vastu Tips

Vastu Tips for Garden

Vastu Shastra is a broad theory that deals with the ancient system of building construction and aims to integrate architecture with the environment. It mostly focuses on the relative functions of various parts of the buildings, including gardens.

According to Vastu Shastra, it is believed that if we keep plants in the right direction, it brings prosperity, happiness, wealth, and good luck to the family.

So let’s look at a few interesting Vastu Tips on gardening. (Also Read, Vastu for Home Plan)

Vastu Tips for Gardens

Vastu Shastra deals with building houses and building a good garden. While working on the construction of a  house, one should never neglect the construction of the garden. Constructing a garden requires utmost thought and planning because it is the house’s first impression. Besides, it is plants that help energize a home’s overall surroundings.

  • The central area of the garden should always be open and clean
  • Gardening is best done on the North or west side of the house.
  • Gardening in the southeast or southwest must be avoided as it may cause tension.
  • The best direction for the fountain construction in Northeast or Northwest
  • Swings in the garden should be placed in the East or North Direction
  • Playground for children should be made in the North West direction
  • A swimming pool is best in the North-East direction
  • Swimming pools or any other water resources should never be constructed in the Center, South, South East, or South West as it may affect the health of the family members.
  • A sitting area or benches should also be constructed on the Northern sides
  • The best direction for a pet house in North West direction

Vastu for Outdoor Garden 

Vastu Shastra is a science that discovers the mechanism of earthly power and records how sunlight, plants, and land compositions influence all living beings.

Vastu Shastra recognizes that there has to be a balance between 5 elements, i.e., soil (earth), sun (fire), wind (air), water, and space, to maintain harmony in the surrounding. Hence, the right plants have to be planted in the right direction to maintain balance and positively affect the surroundings.

Vastu Tips For Outdoor Plantation

  • Big trees should never be planted near the gate which blocks the entrance.
  • The plant shouldn’t be kept 3 feet tall in a garden.
  • Big plants or trees should not be planted in the middle of the garden
  • Tulsi (Basil Plant) should always be planted on the Northside
  • Fruit trees should be planted in the East direction
  • Huge trees and plants can be planted in the Southern direction
  • Placing flower pots in the east direction is good
  • Mango trees have to be planted in the West direction
  • Plants for cross-pollination should be placed in North West direction
  • Rose should be planted in the southeast direction
  • Marigold and Jasmin are to be planted in the southwest direction
  • Coconut trees are believed to bring good luck to the house, so it is wise to plant one in a home garden.
  • Bonsai plants should not be planted inside the house as they may affect the house owner.
  • Peepal trees, if planted, must not be cut or trimmed unless there arise extreme circumstances. It is believed that this will bring bad luck to the family if one cuts the peepal tree.
  • A big tree should be planted in such a way so that its shadow doesn’t fall in the house for more than 8 hrs.

Vastu for Indoor Garden

As per the Vastu Shastra, keeping the indoor plants in the right direction and in the right place can bring positivity and keep away negative energy. So it is equally important to have the right plants inside our home.

Vastu Tips for Indoor Plantation

  • Cascading and crawling indoor plants are better if planted in the living room.
  • Thorny plants indoors should be avoided as it is believed to be unlucky.
  • Indoor plants should not be kept in the bedroom. However, only money plants can be grown inside the bedroom to bring wealth and luck.
  • Bonsai plant not to be grown inside.
  • Lucky bamboo to be planted in the living room to attract peace, positive energy, luck, and prosperity.
  • Snake plants are to be planted in the south or east part of the bedroom to spread positive energy and even create a healthy environment by absorbing toxins like formaldehyde. Also, to reduce stress and promote a positive ambiance.
  • The rubber plant should be planted in the southeast direction of a living room to attract many good things. As per the Vastu Shastra, it is believed that it brings financial prosperity, commercial success, and wealth.
  • Aloe vera is to be planted in the north or east direction to ensure the flow of prosperity and happiness in the house and emits oxygen. Besides, it expands positive energy, warding off negative energy.