Kundalini Energy – Symptoms and Benefits of Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini Energy

Kundalini energy is the life force energy that exists in everyone’s body, usually in a dormant state. This energy is the potential form of prana or chi (life force). Most people never feel it and never know about its existence. However, Kundalini shakti can be awakened spontaneously through several yoga and meditation practices. When activated, it can do wonders and make miracles in life.

Kundalini Energy

Kundalini Energy

Kundalini energy is a form of divine feminine energy or Shakti. It is derived from the Sanskrit word “kundal,” which means either coiled up or coiling like a snake. It’s often symbolized as such because a coiled serpent is a symbol of powerful but untapped energy that only needs to awaken. It lies inactive at the base of the spine, waiting to be activated.

Kundalini can be roused and awakened like a powerful serpent that rises through your body and leads to many profound changes. When Kundalini energy rises spontaneously upwards through the spine and seven chakras centers, it finally leads to an expanded state of consciousness known as a kundalini awakening. This energy can be released and used in various techniques and practices like chakra activation, yoga, and meditation.

Kundalini and Chakras

There are 7 chakras in the body, and each of them governs a certain skill or ability that you have. They are always in motion and control the overall functions of the body. The chakras are known as the wheel of energy. Kundalini is the raw energy that lies within the root chakra or Muladhara chakra. It is found from the bottom of the spine to the crown of the head.

When your chakras become blocked or dormant, they can cause disturbances in the energy flow along the spinal column, resulting in a chakras imbalance. Due to this, you suffer from kundalini syndrome like physical illness, hallucinations, fevers, respiratory problems, emotional instability, and intense stress. Since kundalini syndrome is associated with harmful energies, energy healing is the only way to prevent it.

Healing solution to Kundalini Syndrome

  1. Healing the body and spirit requires plenty of sleep
  2. Relaxation and spending quality time outdoors on the ground
  3. Restoring balance in the chakra system
  4. Controlling breathing
  5. Mediation and yoga.

Symptoms of Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini energy is the basic force of life. It’s the energy of consciousness and awareness that exists in everyone. When you awaken kundalini energy through yoga, meditation, or your life experience, you become more sensitive to its vibrational energies.

Some people experience kundalini awakening slowly and steadily, while others have immediate and intense. However, the rise of kundalini is not predictable. It moves at its own pace and causes different symptoms along the way. Some of the symptoms:

  1. A sudden rush of energy
  2. Sudden Headaches and stress
  3. Experience Change in your sleep pattern
  4. Feel Connected to nature
  5. Practice non-violence
  6. Begin to look younger
  7. Appear Calm and Composed
  8. Feel more connected to God
  9. Emotional ups and downs
  10. Body pain and immoral behavior
  11. Panic attacks or hysteria
  12. Loss of appetite.
  13. Visual disturbance
  14. Inability to calm down

Benefits of Kundalini Awakening

  1. It increases physical energy
  2. Reinforces the immune system and nervous system
  3. Helps in curing headaches, anxiety, insomnia, depression, stress, psychic issues, and so on.
  4. Kundalini Yoga movement helps to release tension and stress stored in the body.
  5. Reduces the risk of physical and emotional disorders
  6. Kundalini improves the practitioner’s overall emotional well being
  7. Keeps you perfect in each & every moment
  8. Brings true spiritual experiences
  9. Slows down aging
  10. Spiritually connected with yourself and others.
  11. Boosts self-perception

If Kundalini Energy Feels Out of Control

  1. Instantly stop spiritual practices
  2. Consult with a good spiritual counselor.
  3. Mentally surround yourself with Light.
  4. Put a photo or painting of a Guru or God.
  5. Get plenty of exercises and fresh air. Breathe deeply while outdoors.
  6. Walk barefoot on the grass. Work with young children.
  7. Lead a balanced life. Get sufficient rest and consume a well-balanced diet with enough protein.
  8. Learn how to deal with stress.
  9. Be expansive and think of others.
  10. Avoid intense self-involvement.
  11. Don’t be afraid.

Kundalini energy is not predictable or recognized by modern science and is often erudite in phycology classes. It is also widely used and stated in the literature of Yoga and Tantra, even in the Bible and Buddhism.

It is an amazing center of divine cosmic energy that lives inside the body and penetrates the whole universe. Kundalini rests at the base of your chakra, which connects you to the energies of the earth. It’s also known as the serpent of light or kundalini fire.

Kundalini energy has the power to purify and cleanse your body because it’s your natural healing power. It is self-realization energy. It also manifests as uniting cosmic energy and is deeply connected to higher self-consciousness. This energy can be used to have a more fulfilling life and positively influence your moods, health, relationship, and so much more. Therefore, it’s the energy that gives your life.