Auspicious Things You Should Keep in Your House – Based on Vastu

Auspicious things You Should Keep in Your House

Vastu assumes that the house is a living being, so it needs to be taken care of as a family member. So, we can increase prana – life energy – and get an additional potential for improving karma.

According to the ancient philosophy of Vastu, your home will attract good luck if adequately arranged and, if not possible, by placing auspicious structures.

Today, we will be focusing on some auspicious things, structures, or materials that we can place in our homes to attract good luck, fortune, and positive energy, as per Vastu. If you are planning your house based on Vastu, please consider the following.

1. Ganesha figurine

Ganesha figurine

Lord Ganesha is depicted with the head of an elephant and many arms. He is merciful and kind to righteous people, so you need to show respect for Ganesha. God removes obstacles to success, increases wealth, and promotes career development.

The Ganesha figurine can be carried with you in the form of a pendant or placed near the workplace. It is believed that the larger and heavier the figurine, the stronger it works. If the figurine is broken, it has taken on negative energy and saved the owner from financial problems. Please do not throw it away, but try to fix it.

Place two idols of Ganesh Ji inside and outside the house’s main door so that their backs are attached to each other. All kinds of obstacles in the home will be removed by doing this.

2. Lakshmi Yantra

Sri Yantra

Sri Yantra or Lakshmi Yantra is an ancient and one of the most popular yantras that attract money and good luck. It is a complex symbol of nine intertwined triangles with a common centre (anchor point). The central point (Bindu) is considered the junction of the spiritual and physical worlds. Of the nine triangles, four points to the sky and are symbols of Shiva (masculine), while five, pointing down, represent Shakti (feminine).

The symbol of wealth and prosperity, Lakshmi Yantra contains forty-three smaller triangles. This is an allusion to the universe. Eight lotus petals frame the triangles, and a large ring of sixteen petals surrounds the core of the symbol.

Learn more about what Yantras is and how it works.

3. Horseshoe

Horseshoe for home
Horseshoe for home | Image Credit –

A horseshoe is a strong amulet for the home. It brings wealth, luck, and happiness. It is believed that it needed to be found, not bought, but now this condition is almost impossible to fulfill.

The location of the horseshoe affects its magical properties. Usually, it is nailed over the front door, but it is not forbidden to place this amulet in other places. If you hang it with the “horns” up, then the horseshoe will accumulate positive energy; the arrangement with the “horns” downward protects from the evil eye and damage. If the horseshoe fell, it means that the amulet worked, and the trouble of the house is over.

4. Fish Tank

Fish Tank
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Fish tanks bring prosperity and wealth. However, make sure you keep your fish tanks in the north or east direction of the living room. Keep your water tank clean and hygienic to attract positive energy.

5. Water Fountain

Water fountain

Water has been a symbol of new life and progress in most (if not all) cultures on Earth. Whether it is the swaying waves of the ocean or the quiet ringing of a stream in the forest, there is immeasurable power in every particle of water.

As another commonly used element of Vastu, water is used in the “money zone” of the house to get the most advantages out of it. Water fountains are usually a way to bring good luck at an affordable price.

If you own a fountain, the energy that comes with a constant flow is undeniable. Without noticing its true strength, you use and train the forces in the water. You keep the water moving, which also contributes to the continuous movement of your cash flow.

It is important to keep it running so that the energy does not stagnate. It is recommended to place it in an external environment.

6. Bell

close up shot of a person ringing a bell hanging from the brick wall
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The melodious ringing of the bell can return the mood to the house, turn away all evil spirits and resist the encroachments of evil forces. The people believe that it is better to choose a bell made of silver or iron.

It should have a clean, non-annoying ringing sound. To activate the amulet, it is enough to hang it in the place where it will often ring. Listen to its ringing sound. If the melody changes, becomes mournful, or becomes completely silent, it’s time to change the bell since it has absorbed too much negative energy.

7. Crystal lotus flower

Crystal lotus flower

Flowers bring life and help strengthen good environments. The crystal lotus flower, in particular, has the power to bring good luck to the business and your home. If you are going through a negative phase and hard times, the crystal lotus flower can help overcome this. Vastu Shastra recommends that this object be placed in the room or office.

8. Turtle

selective focus photography green and black turtle
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The turtle is one of those objects that can help those who want to improve their economic situation. It is an animal considered a symbol of wisdom, tenacity, and resilience. In many ancient and traditional cultures, the turtle represents a good omen.

So, if you want to attract more money and luck within the home, you cannot miss an object that represents it. It is recognized as a carrier of well-being and luck in various parts of the world. In Hindu Mythology, the turtle is considered an Incarnation (Avatar) of Lord Vishnu.

9. Elephant Figurine

a statue of a circus elephant balancing on a disco ball
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According to Buddhist and Hindu cultures, the elephant is a divine creature representing fertility and wisdom. If you put the figurine of an elephant in your house, with the trunk pointing to the sky, happiness will settle there forever.

10. Buddha Image

Lord Buddha

It has numerous meanings and representations. Generally speaking; however, it is associated with enlightenment, peace, love, and happiness. It is also called the Buddha of Happiness, as it “absorbs” the negative concerns of the residents of the house.

In addition to good energies, the Buddha in the smiling version attracts prosperity and luck, especially for business and career success. According to Vastu shastra, you should place the Buddha against the front door of your house. Surrounding it with undamaged, rust-free parts is also indicated.


When you think about investing in these Vastu symbols, it is important to remember that you are unique energy within and on your own. You interact with the world in a magical way that may seem mysterious, but it all makes sense in the Upper Realm. As you explore symbols of Vastu, remember that these symbols come from unique cultures and should be respected.

If you have no intention of respecting the symbol you want to possess, you should consider another option for increasing your wealth and prosperity.