Vastu Dosha – Vastu Remedies and Corrections Tips

Vastu Dosha and Remedies

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of Construction which is used as a guide for maintaining happiness and prosperity at home. It is known as the key to maintaining a happy and healthy environment within our home. So, if the Vastu recommendations are not followed, it may lead to Vastu fault which is known as Vastu Dosh. Hence, Vastu Dosha is basically the defilement of any of the philosophies of Vastu Shastra.

It is believed that Vastu doshas can bring tension in the family, difficulties in running a business, bad luck, and might also harm our physical and mental health. And according to Vastu Shastra, every Vastu fault has some kind of remedy and if taken appropriately, it restores the happiness and peace back in life again.

Vastu Dosha and Remedies

How to work on Vastu Dosh?

  • Work on the direction – It is very necessary to know about directions and the positive and negative effects. So, one should always start with finding out about the right direction. Look around your house and observe which room lies in which direction noting it down carefully.
  • Work on the right placement of furniture and other stuff – After working on the direction. One should find if the furniture is placed in the right way and if not then it can be rearranged according to the Vastu.
  • Work on the color of the room – The next thing is to look for the appropriate colors for every room according to the Vastu Shastra. This something that can be corrected if it doesn’t align with the Vastu Shastra.

Depending on the activity and all the faults we can choose a suitable Vastu remedy to minimize the Vastu Dosha.

Remedies for Vastu Dosha

In this 21st Century, people mostly live in towns and cities where they have to live in high-rise buildings and apartments due to land scarcity. In such a situation it’s hard to follow Vastu concepts and hence Vastu compliance is difficult to maintain.

Vastu correction can be done without any hard and fast annihilation and reconstruction. The great significance of Vastu Shastra is that Vastu Dosha can be corrected with just a minor variation which in turn will definitely have a major effect on our lives.

Some of the ways of Vastu corrections include,

  •       Changes interiors of the house,
  •       Changes in the color of the rooms
  •       Changes in the positions of the furniture
  •       Placement of some religious objects
  •       Performing Pooja at home for the clearance of the dosha and so forth

There are numerous other ways to minimize Vastu Dosha. However, this does not mean that one has to follow all the remedies. We can count on the ones best suitable for us and which we can actually perform.

Vastu corrections for your home

As mentioned above there are many different ways for Vastu corrections. Here are some of the simpler ways to correct the Vastu Dosha is mentioned below:

  1. Place the statue or hang the picture of Lord Ganesh somewhere after entering the main gate of the house.
  2. Place copper swastika above the main door to attract positive energy and drive away negative
  3. Make a space to worship in a house so as to bring positive energy within a house.
  4. According to Vastu Shastra, a small idol of brass Annapurna Devi if placed in the rice jar brings abundance to prosperity in the family and reduces Vastu Dosha.
  5. White elephant if placed somewhere in the study room will increase knowledge and academic excellence
  6. Place a copper pyramid to remove the Vastu fault of directions
  7. According to Vastu shastra, if the statue of Lord Kubera is placed in the northern sector of the home or nearest to the cashier’s place in the office it will end the financial blockage due to Vastu Dosh. Similarly, Seven Mukhi Rudraksha if placed in a locker can remove financial setbacks and bring back good luck again.
  8. If the toilet or bathroom is in the northeast, southwest, and southeast, which are the major Vastu defect, do not forget to place a wooden bowl containing rock salt in the bathroom or toilet window. This will correct the Vastu Dosha.
  9. Hang the wind chimes on the western window of the home or business premises. The wind chimes will help to eliminate family tension arising from the Vastu Dosha.
  10. Put a picture of a white horse in the living room to correct all kinds of Vastu Dosha from the living room.
  11. Put a crystal lotus or tortoise to minimize Vastu Dosha from the bedroom.